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October 12, 2009

Now tell us what to do with the Nokia Booklet 3G

Nokia-Booklet-3GGLOBAL – Last week news surfaced on the first official release date for the Nokia Booklet 3G, with Germany primed to welcome it onto its soil from October 22 on O2 (read the full story), amplifying the buzz across the web for Nokia’s debut mini laptop PC. Like its smaller sibling, the Nokia N900, the Booklet 3G has been the hub of heaps of discussion and eager debate, particularly around the specs, and we’re as itching as many of you are to get hold of it, flip the lid, and get stuck into seeing what it can do.

Last week we asked you tell us what you’d like us to do with the N900 when we get ours (any day now folks), and the response continues to be phenomenal (131 suggestions and counting!). So we thought we’d apply the same tried-and-tested treatment to the upcoming Booklet 3G, as we’re sure many of you have smart suggestions on what we should do with it once it lands on on our doormat. Click through to leave your comments and share your suggestions.