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October 15, 2009

See what else Nokia N900 can do

Google-Wave-on-N900GLOBAL – We’ve been asking what you’d like to see the N900 do (and we’re working on ways to show you) but to keep your appetites whetted, I wanted to spotlight this video produced by Ewan over at MobileDeveloperTV (and MobileIndustryReview). Ewan got his hands on an Nokia N900 earlier this week and his initial excitement was difficult to contain as you can see in his first reaction piece. MobileIndustryReview regulars will know Ewan’s opinions to be well balanced, and he’s not one for pandering to any manufacturer, so to get such glowing praise is testament to what the N900 is as a device. Ewan’s also one of the first to get his hands on a Google Wave invite, the subject of his video.

His video takes us through using Google Wave on the N900. For anyone who hasn’t seen Google Wave in action, it’s also a good introduction to it, but mostly this vid shows off the N900’s browsing prowess, even if not everything goes exactly right. Check out the video below and we’ll do our best to spotlight more of these as we come across them.