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LONDON, England – We’ve been camped out on the doorstep eagerly awaiting the arrival of the Nokia N900, and now it’s here! We’ve been asking you what you’d like us to do with the N900 (and over the coming weeks we’ll continue to sift through many of your great suggestions) with a view to thoroughly exploring Nokia’s fourth Maemo device. So to kick things off, I shot a quick basic video of simply getting started with the N900 – as a Maemo newcomer I didn’t know what to expect or how to interact with it, but the initial set-up process and Get Started video app act as a surprisingly good tutorial. Watch our first living-with encounter featuring the new Nokia N900 here…

Since shooting this video last night I’ve got my email all set up neatly via Nokia Messaging and contacts, and so far it’s all working a treat. The calendar stuff is particularly impressive, but we’ll revisit that later. Plus, I’ve started running along the app download road, including motion sensitive game Bounce Evolution – even though I’ve only got a few minutes play under my belt, the N900 is looking like a serious games device. Exciting. Stay tuned for more on the Nokia N900, and as always please scribble down your comments below.