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October 21, 2009

How safe is your data?

SafeGLOBAL – The folks over at Betalabs have been running a survey relating to data back up and security. It throws up some pretty interesting questions (and if you have a couple of minutes, we’d urge you to head over and let them know what your views) about data back up and recovery. Enough that we thought we’d run our own poll on the topic. With Ovi Suite 2.0 now graduated from Betalabs, it’s never been easier to back up the data on your device. That doesn’t mean it couldn’t become even easier, or that there’s a lot more functionality to be had around data security.

What tickles our fancy though is what kind of data you consider most important to back up. About five years ago my phone was stolen. I’d just recently been through all of my contacts to clean them up, but before I had a chance to back up, I lost the whole lot.

Today, my contacts and calendar live in the cloud (along with most of my working documents) and my phone, computer and laptop are becoming dumber and dumber. Replacing any of them shouldn’t be too much heartache, except now my concern about loss has more to do with settings and applications (images and video tend to synced the same day they’re shot).

And that’s where I think we’ve seen a big shift. Sure, for regular phone users, backing up their contacts would be a wise thing. Not having to plug a device into a computer to back them up would be even wiser (Ovi Contacts, anyone?). For those of us who spend more of their time with higher end devices though, our needs are entirely different. With myriad apps, advanced device settings and things like Bookmarks, map waypoints and myriad other bits of information to collect, our needs are rapidly changing.

Given the different tools we have at our disposal to store and back up information, I’m going to focus this week’s poll on understanding what you’d find hardest to restore. You can choose up to four options, and there’s an “other” box for anything I haven’t already included. Happy voting.

Photo by mstyne