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October 26, 2009

Ovi Store highlights – Social gaming, listening devices & touchy converters

BobbaGLOBAL – Our Forum Nokia friends over at have spent the last seven days seeking out some of the smartest new apps to emerge on the Ovi Store, and this week we’ve homed in on a trio of top highlights. Including an intriguing new social network gaming app curiously dubbed Bobba, a handy automatic CallRecorder app, and a clever unit converter designed for touchscreen Symbian OS devices. Read on to find out more and to watch a great little video of Bobba in action.

Perched top of the tree in terms of fruity fascination is Bobba. Leaning on our appetites for social networking fun it’s a free game that lets you explore a virtual world created by the people playing – you can fashion yourself a space, a custom avatar, and have conversations in real-time with the other gamers populating this mini mobile realm. One of the guys has written up a review, including some of his experiences (read it here). But one of the best ways to understand how it works and what it’s all about is by watching this short video.


Next to ping a bright dot on our app radar is CallRecorder, a new and highly tweakable app that lets you automatically record incoming and outgoing calls. It’s also been designed to make it dead easy to manage your recordings and share them with your home computer should you fancy editing them or keeping them stored elsewhere for safe-keeping. Now, this isn’t a piece of private detective software, as it does let the other person know your recording via a beep that plays every 15 seconds. If you decide to use it, we recommend you make sure you let the other person know you’re recording their every utterance too. CallRecorder has been tailored for Symbian OS, S60 3rd Edition and 5th Edition. Kevin Sharp over at has posted a piece that goes into more depth on the app and gives you a proper insight into all the options CallRecorder offers up, so catch it here.


Last up is Viitrio Converter, a new unit converter app for Symbian OS touchscreen devices, such as the Nokia N97 and 5800. One of the quirkier converters, this new addition to the Ovi Store comes loaded with a heap of more unusual conversion options such as “gigajoules per horsepower-hour”… no, we don’t understand either, although we are intrigued. Kevin Sharp went off on an exploratory mini adventure with this app. Who knew unit converters could inspire you to learn more about the “dynamics of planetary orbits”? It’s certainly worth a read if you’re on the hunt for a smart touchscreen converter.

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