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BEIJING, China – The Nokia 6788 was unveiled today, and marks a milestone moment in the evolution of China’s high-speed 3G standard. This handset has been keenly tailored to suit the TD-SCDMA platform, the territory’s standardized 3G springboard, off of which folk in China can enjoy the best mobile 3G experience. The handset is bespoke to China in terms of technology, services and design. Read on to soak up all the first details on this exciting new device and to see the debut photos of it in our gallery below.

The 6788 has been created with the China Mobile network front of mind, meaning that folk can tap into its raft of 3G services at speed and with ease. Built on S60, the 6788 comes toting a 2.8″ QVGA screen to help ensure all content is boldly brought to life, and also features a 5-megapixel camera with dual-LED flash and top Carl Zeiss optics for the sharpest breed of shots that can then be shared simply and speedily via China Mobile’s fast 3G network. It also comes stomaching 4GB of storage, enough to carry hundreds of high-res shots.

Designed by The Beijing Product Creation Centre, the Nokia 6788 has a few distinct Chinese style elements, that take cues from traditional furniture and architecture forms, and is home to traditional patterns discreetly feature on the rear of the device. It will launch in two colour variants – black with red highlights (traditionally represents something of a premium flavour), and a brown version with a pinch of gold (which represents aristocracy).

Nokia CEO, Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo, had this to say on the launch of the 6788 in China:

“Nokia sees TD-SCDMA as being central to the successful evolution of 3G in China, and so is fully committed to this 3G standard. With a wide range of integrated China Mobile applications, the Nokia 6788 marks a new level of collaboration with China Mobile and offers enriched experiences to China’s 3G users. Nokia plans to introduce more TD-SCDMA phones in the near future, further boosting the development of this 3G standard in China.”

Nokia’s support and commitment towards China’s 3G standard was welcomed as a significant moment in the evolution of the platform by Mr. Lu Xiangdong, Vice President of China Mobile Communications Corporation:

“We are excited to see the launch of Nokia 6788. With extensive experience in the China market, Nokia will provide Chinese consumers with TD-SCDMA solutions that are perfectly catered to their needs. Such cooperation between the world’s largest operator and the world’s leading mobile phone manufacturer will provide an important boost to the development of TD-SCDMA in China.”

The Nokia 6788 will go on sale in China at the end of December. Take a closer look in our gallery, and as ever please share your comments below.