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GLOBAL – Two bits of good N97 related news cross our desk today, the first that the Nokia N97 mini hits the world’s shelves this week and the second that the N97 software update 2.0 is available to download. The Nokia N97 mini brings with it a raft of new software features, alongside a diminutive stainless steel frame but still with all the things people love about its original bigger brother. Read on to find out what’s in store.

Alongside new features the latest version of the N97 software brings a host of optimisation tweaks, improving performance and battery life. Navigating the device is a pleasure with kinetic ‘flip’ scrolling available right across the OS. Other updates include shortcuts to the personalised homescreen, the addition of Ovi Maps 3.0 which brings with it 3D maps alongside tweaks to Nokia Email, Ovi Contacts and Ovi Store.

The new software update is available through the device (go to Menu > Applications > SW Update and enable automatic checking), through Nokia Ovi Suite 2.0 or you can visit the Nokia Software Update website. Over the next few weeks a wide range of country and operator versions will be coming online, so if your device hasn’t got the update available yet, set up automatic checking and you’ll be notified when it becomes available.

Right, we’re off to update our N97s. Check out your local Nokia Store or operator to pick up a shiny new Nokia N97 mini.