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GLOBAL- With myriad devices to choose from, selecting my top three favourites was never going to be easy. My relationship with Nokia devices is a long one, and there’s no shortage of highlights from it. There’s a few lowlights too, but most of those I’ve forgotten about now. My first Nokia smartphone (pre mobile computers) was the Nokia N91. Four big burly gigabytes of storage (you could hear it whirring, sometimes) and a metal case so solid, in some countries it could be considered an offensive weapon. It was a music device, and I loved it. But it didn’t make my top three. Read on to find out what did.
Nokia 6310The other week I wrote about the 6310 and how much of a joy that was to use. That’s why it makes it into my top three. That and its solid build, unending battery life and sheer usability. Of course, it’s had its day now and today it would be about as useful as that old N91. That doesn’t mean I couldn’t be tempted by it though – if only someone could snip my email umbilical cord.

Nokia E71

Which brings me neatly onto the second of my top three and my current phone of favour the Nokia E71. It isn’t without its foibles and even when I first saw it when it was launched I wasn’t sure. But, after using it for a week or so, I’ve not been able to let it go since. I’ve had a few flirtatious liaisons since (step forward various Nseries devices) but each time my E71 has taken me back, given me a big warm hug and reintroduced me to mobile productivity. Of course, my wife hates it. With a passion. But it is my mobile umbilical cord and nothing can take that away. No, it isn’t all singing (the camera is okay, at best) but it’s beautifully built, is one of the best designed Nokia’s ever and won’t give up, even under my tempestuous beatings. For outright flair though, there’s another Nokia which wins the day.

Nokia N95

The N95 was utterly ground breaking when it was launched three years ago. It’s gone on to be one of the most successful devices Nokia has ever created. And it’s no surprise. As an all rounder it was virtually untouchable. The N95 8GB follow up was lovely too, but my favourite is still the original. I got mine as soon as it was available in the UK, and used it (abused it, more like) for about 14 months, until the E71 came along. By that time, the N95 had introduced me to the real world of mobile email, taking and sharing pictures and videos and of course GPS. For that, I will be ever grateful.

I’m not sure if I could put these top three in any order. They’ve all given me different things at different times and responded to my needs in a current and resilient fashion. And that’s what a favourite mobile device should do. Serve your needs as best it can, keep you connected when years previously you couldn’t be and most of all, occasionally, display little flashes of genius which reminded you why you bought the thing in the first place.

Now, what are yours? We’ll be adding the most popular to the Almanac over the coming months.