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October 29, 2009

Poll: How many apps are you running?

ovi-storeGLOBAL – This week Ovi Store snagged an update which saw a much improved search and the ability to redownload premium content for the device it was bought on. That got us thinking, how many apps have you folks downloaded and installed on your device? Be an interesting thing to work out. It’s a pretty simple question, until you start thinking about it. I’m not actually sure what the answer is (I updated the software on my E71 recently and wiped a bunch of good, but simple apps, I had on there). Right now it contains three apps, though there are two others missing which I definitely need to replace (when I get time) as I relied on them. But I know I’ve downloaded more than that. So perhaps we need some guidelines for the voting. The question relates only to your current device, and apps that are currently installed on that device. For the community, it’d be awesome if you share the device model you use and the apps you’ve downloaded in the comments below. Happy voting!