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October 30, 2009

Offline as it happens – win an N900

Offline-as-it-happensGLOBAL – Another week, another opportunity to win a Nokia N900. Kicking off the ‘Offline as it happens’ campaign are four hilarious (well, I think so) videos of things happening when the luckless chap in the starring role isn’t paying attention. The basic premise being, if only he’d used his Nokia to keep him informed of what was going on, he wouldn’t have missed out on so much. Nokia is looking for you to tell your story of what heppened ‘offline’. You can submit your story on Nokia’s YouTube channel and the winning entry will nab an Nokia N900. There’s also a chance the winning entry could be made into the next video in the series.

My favourite is the fishing video. Mr Luckless is camped out on a fishing boat in the middle of a rather pretty lake. Taking a snooze, all sorts happen around him whilst he’s asleep, including a meteorite flying past! Check it out below, along with the Wedding, where the events of the night before are relived, the riverboat, where a simple weather check would have told him to put the roof up on his sports car, and the big game where he should have bought his tickets online (on his N900!). Enjoy some Friday fun and head over to the YouTube channel to enter.


The wedding


The game of the year