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November 2, 2009
Lumia highlights – SMSAutoReply, Hi-N-Bye and Flipfont

SMSautoreplyscGLOBAL – Every day the folks over at highlight a great new addition to the Ovi Store. And after another week of entertaining, innovative and downright clever apps, we’ve pulled out a trio of unsung heroes that are all about productivity. We’re always on the lookout for more effective ways of using our favourite handset, so it’s no surprise that SMSAutoReply appealed. For text-heavy users, a long meeting or driving trip can leave you with a pile of unanswered messages in your inbox. Read on to find out how SMSAutoReply helps you stay in touch.

SMSAutoReply deftly handles any texts you have coming in by firing off a polite auto response along the lines of ‘in a meeting – will get back to you later’, so your contacts aren’t left watching the clock in frustration waiting for a reply. You can then focus fully on your meeting, with your Symbian switchboard taking care of the rest. You can store up to three typical auto-responses, and block certain numbers or types of contact so you don’t end up unwittingly responding to texts by the thousand. Best of all, SMSAutoReply is free, works on Symbian S60 handsets and can be downloaded now from the Ovi Store.

Utilising the motion sensor on compatible devices, Hi-N-Bye detects motions consistent with, say, answering a call, and goes ahead and does just that without requiring the associated button press. So lift the phone to your ear and it will answer a call, place the phone face down on a surface next to you and your call will end, and shake it from side to side to switch from one call to another. To see Hi-N-Bye in action, check out this demo video:

Saving a second or two and cutting back on a couple of button presses per call may not seem like a big deal, but calculate the time and effort saved over, say, a whole year, and Hi-N-Bye suddenly makes a lot of sense. Inevitably, you will have to press a few buttons to download it, but at $6.99 (USD) it’s no great shakes from a cost point of view.

Completing our set of productivity tools we’ve got Flipfont, a quick and easy way of giving your Nokia a new look and feel by simply changing the font it uses. It’s a no-frills tweak that’s more appealing than it first sounds: sure, it doesn’t make your Nokia any better than it was before, but it will look better, giving a fresh new feel to every aspect of the user experience.

Or better still, give FlipFont a try yourself. The app is free to download to a wide range of Nokia devices, and you can try fonts for two days before committing to pay the $1.99 (USD) each.

We’ll be back with another trio of all-star apps next week; in the meantime head over to for their daily pick of the bunch.