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November 3, 2009

Mark Ollila and Games on Ovi Store – video

Mark-ollilaGLOBAL – He’s probably the busiest person at Nokia right now, but we managed to snatch a few minutes with the man responsible for games at Nokia yesterday. With the backdrop of last week’s news about the move for Ovi Store to become the new home for games at Nokia, Mark spoke quite candidly about the move, and let slip a couple of treats we have coming up – and no, the touch version of Dance Fabulous isn’t one of them (even though that is incoming on Ovi Store).

Mark kicks off by painting a full picture of the whole move. With 150 developers publishing over 1,000 games to the Ovi Store the ground works are already done in terms of establishing a decent base of games. “Games for everyone” is one of Mark’s tag lines and already a cross section of casual games, arcade games and action games exist on Ovi Store to back that up.

The first of Mark’s treats though is news of the imminent arrival of the hugely popular Sky Force on Ovi Store. This is from the same folks behind Creatures of the Deep and is a game that’s proved itself hugely popular since it first launched. Alongside the touch version of Dance Fabulous, Mark also reveals that Nokia itself will be releasing two to three more games before the end of the year, designed to specifically show off specific technologies. Now those we can’t wait to see! Here comes the vid…