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November 5, 2009

Poll: what’s the most important feature in a low-cost phone for emerging markets?

Nokia_1280_pollGLOBAL – New technology isn’t just the preserve of high end devices. Often, finding ways of making lower end devices cheaper and more functional is as big a challenge as coming up with the next ground-breaking smartphone. Delivering genuinely practical features is key to making devices for emerging markets. That, and making devices affordable ($5 phone anyone?). Nokia’s success around the globe is founded not only on breaking new ground with technology, but delivering genuinely practical features to the mass market affordably and effectively. This week’s poll seeks your views on what the most important features are for an emerging market device. We’ve listed the key suspects in the poll below, but feel free to add your own in the “others” box and tell us why in the comments.

Yesterday saw the announcement of five new emerging market devices, including the most affordable phone Nokia has ever produced. The €20 Nokia 1280 doesn’t skimp on functionality and comes loaded with useful features for those who live in remote or rural areas, where a speaking clock and flashlight are far more useful than Bluetooth or GPS.

With a further four low-cost mobiles joining the 1280 in the new year, Nokia has drawn attention to the benefit of no-frills practicality like never before.
So we thought we’d ask you to tell us what you think is the single most important feature in these ultra-affordable phones.