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November 6, 2009

A Nokia World – pictures from the N97

Pic5GLOBAL -Conversations is all about the Nokia community and so we wanted to highlight some of the cool stuff Nokia users are doing with their devices. Flickr plays host to an unimaginable amount of pictures, a good chunk of which were shot on Nokia devices. Every week we’ll be spotlighting a collection of pics shot on Nokia devices. This week it’s the turn of the Nokia N97. With Carl Zeiss optics, auto focus, dual LED flash and five megapixels it’s a well specced snapper. Hope you enjoy the shots, and don’t forget to click through and check out more from each photographer – we’ve included links to the full size shot on each one’s individual Flickr channel.


Hong Kong

Daniel and his phone

Daniel’s Kowloon street scene is bursting with life and colour. The N97 has dealt with the tricky blend of half-natural, half-artificial light surprisingly well, and the level of detail is impressive.

Pic2Monument to Rubbish

Berrow (England)

Keith JM G

A silent protest captured on the fly by the intrepid Keith on his morning horse-ride. Both the horse in the foreground and the monument itself in mid-shot are well detailed, especially given the low light.

Pic3RHS Wisley

Woking (England)

My Connected Life

The Royal Horticultural Society gardens at Wisley make for a great photographic location, but this incredibly vivid shot remains a stunning achievement. Absolutely pin-sharp detail.

Pic4RHS Garden

Woking (England)

My Connected Life

Another beautifully warm, detailed image, with even darker areas like the trees on the right retaining a surprising degree of sharpness. Quality that would put a fair number of dedicated cameras to shame.


Telemark Fylna (Norway)


The glassy surface of this natural lake in Norway proves the perfect mirror to show off the natural beauty around it. One of those ‘right place, right time’ shots, but the N97 did its job superbly.


Stavern (Norway)


Another stunning effort by 1a1cna. The quiet emptiness of the North Sea shines through thanks to the deep contrasts of the rocks, and good levels of detail in the shimmering water and high clouds.



We’re not altogether sure where this one was taken, but it serves as a fantastic advert for the N97’s photographic credentials. Short depth of field allows the flower to be pin-sharp and the background to be evenly blurred. The result is technically excellent for a camera phone.

Pic8View of Dapdune Wharf with barges

Guildford (England)

My Connected Life

A third entry here for this intrepid N97 photographer. As with the other two, the combination of crisp detail, punchy colours and well-handled contrast makes this image jump to life.


Berlin (Germany)


Shots like this live and die on the level of detail captured. And from the dull shine of the old Merc itself to the fine detail of the grille and the leaves on the ground, the detail is superb, and the resulting image full of mood and character.

Pic10Light structure in Marina Barrage



A riot of colours, indoors, various lighting sources in both foreground and background… this is not an easy shot to take, and will fall flat if your camera isn’t up to the job. But as should be perfectly clear by this stage, the N97’s most certainly is.