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November 6, 2009

What else could Ovi Store do?

Ovi StoreGLOBAL – This week a comment on our N-Gage moving to Ovi Store story sparked our brains into thinking about what else could fill the Ovi Store shelves. Right now we have apps, games, ringtones, wallpaper and videos kicking around, but what else could exist there? The comment in question raised the notion of it becoming a new home for Beta Labs. There are myriad reasons why that wouldn’t work (which we’ll cover below). As we’ve seen recently, improvements to the Ovi Store are coming thick and fast, and show no sign of abating. The team there are working 24/7 to whip things into shape and make the store the best place possible for as many users, and devices, as possible.
Nokia Beta Labs has been a huge success amongst those who are most engaged with their Nokia devices. Set up to solicit feedback from those who want to be the first to try new apps, and are prepared to put up with being genuinely involved in a development process (and where they have an input and impact on how apps finally turn out) the service has already seen plenty of app ‘graduates’. Some of the apps that are in the latter stages of development have already secured their place in the Ovi Store, but given the type of user required, not to mention the usefulness of the feedback, Ovi Store probably isn’t the best place for younger apps to live.

But Ovi Store’s shelves are plentiful and there’s always room for more. The question is, what? The Store’s remit is already broad, so it could be that introducing new categories of content isn’t what’s needed right now. What do you think?

If we look at the content that’s already stocked in Ovi Store, what do you think it needs more (or less) of? Last week’s poll showed us that those of you who get involved in apps, tend to veer towards having lots of them. And, with yesterday’s announcement about games, we’re sure to see a boost in the range of games stocked in the Store. Though some of the comments dismissed the games offering. What kind of games do you expect to find there?

So, here’s a chance to have your say. What do you think the Ovi Store needs? Different types of content, different types of apps, something else entirely. Your shout, let us know in the comments below.

We’ll be passing your feedback directly to the folks responsible for the Ovi Store. So don’t hold back!