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GLOBAL – I’ve had too many Nokia devices to even count…one of the perks from working at Nokia for seven years.  It seems that every new device in my hands instantly becomes “the best ever!” – until three months later when I receive a new device and the “old” one is relegated to a drawer somewhere.  So naturally, choosing my favourite Nokias ever took some serious thinking and internal debating, but three definitely stand out in my mind…


Nokia 9210i (Communicator)

When I joined Nokia in Spring of 2003, this was the device given to all new employees.  I remember it took a few days for the device to come in, and those may have been the longest few days of my life.  My colleagues often complained of the size, not me – that giant color screen and full QWERTY keyboard allowed me to get online from anywhere at anytime.  And if I were ever attacked on the streets, the 9210i’s brick-like structure could double as a deadly weapon. This was the device that took me from mobile phone enthusiast to the mobile geek I am today.


Nokia E70

I fell in love with Nokia’s Eseries when I got my E61, but it was the E70 I proposed to (plus it didn’t help that my girlfriend kept telling me I was talking to a calculator with the E61).  The E70’s oddly sized 352×416 resolution packed a lot of pixels into a very small space and made for one of the most beautiful screens ever.  It was where I first discovered the Nokia Podcasting app and began listening to podcasts. Today that app is the most used on any device I have.

Nokia N95 8GB

The lack of a QWERTY keyboard didn’t stop me loving this device and the 5-megapixel camera gave me photos I could be proud of.  Its 8GB of storage too meant plenty of space for my podcasts made even better with Stereo Bluetooth.  And then there’s the beautiful design. The N95 8GB was the first convergence-style device I got truly excited about.  Who didn’t love this thing?

Featured Image: nechbi