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November 12, 2009

N900 video extravaganza – starts tomorrow

N900-video-extravaganzaGLOBAL – The Nokia N900 is going to be the star of the show for the next month as we bring you 30 videos dedicated to the device. Recently we asked you what you’d like to see us do with the Nokia N900 and the response was absolutely amazing. So good, the Conversations bosses let us run riot with our camcorder and shoot the N900 doing all sorts of cool stuff. The big N900 video extravaganza kicks off tomorrow. Read on to find out what’s in store.

The range of comments we got back from you when we asked was incredible. Over 100 of you replied, some with so much detail our eyes started melting. But it was brilliant, because instead of us coming up with the ideas of what to show, you our loyal Conversations readers did instead. And, given that you’ve put so much effort in, we figured we should too. We’ve been burning the midnight oil getting to grips with the N900 and all it can do. Boy, are we impressed!

Over the next month we’ll be rolling out a new N900 video every working day. Each one will last 30 seconds and there’s 30 videos in all. Anyone good at maths will already have worked out that 30 times 30 is 900. Clever, huh? But that means we’re under pressure. Packing so much into each 30-second video is one heck of a challenge, though the N900 is proving super-easy to use. We’re confident you’ll enjoy the results.

Kicking things off tomorrow will be one of the first things many of you will want to do, stuffing the N900 full of apps. Over the coming weeks we’ll be filling up nine separate categories with video: Personalisation, Online and Social, GPS, Music, Gaming, Movies, Battery Power, Multi-tasking and Communication. All of these will be accessible from a special N900 video extravaganza homepage right here on Conversations. You’ll also be able to find them in the Conversations YouTube channel.

We had nearly 100 individual requests to show you what the device can do. Practically, we couldn’t do all of them. Some required software that doesn’t exist yet, whilst others were too complex or specialist, so we selected 30 topics which are achievable right now and still give you great insight into the N900’s abilities.

For those of you who responded to our original request, we thank you. You’re about to get what you asked for!