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November 17, 2009

MyDailyApp highlights – DocScanner, Dad’s Cab and Trapster

DocScannerGLOBAL – Every day the folks at home in on a new Ovi Store app that’s caught their eye, and at the end of each week we look back over the previous seven days and bring you the best of the bunch right here on Conversations. This week we start with Norfello’s DocScanner, which does pretty much what the name suggests. Take a photo of a document on any S60 handset, crop it down to size then save it as an image file.

While that’s all well and good, it’s the little touches that give DocScanner the edge. Once you photograph a document DocScanner will automatically make its best attempt at cropping out the background, but if you’re not happy with the job it’s done, drag the crop handles with a finger or stylus to adjust them to suit. And once you’ve done that, not only can you save in either JPG or PDF, you can also email directly in either format from within the program: simple, sensible and useful.

DocScanner isn’t cheap, however: it costs £8 ($10) to download and works with any S60 phone with a camera.

Changing direction, we have Dad’s Cab, a bit of harmless fun for overworked dads everywhere. The app’s interface looks just like a taxi meter, and lets you run up the fare on your daily travels to see just what dad’s taxi would actually cost if you were doing it out of more than just sense of duty.

The fare kicks in at £2.20 – a version charging in euros is coming soon, though no word on a US option yet – and discretionary charges include a backseat driving charge and an “are we there yet” charge. Of course, let’s face it: there’s no chance of any cash actually changing hands, but Dad’s Cab takes that in its stride too, and suggests a number of alternatives, including faking interest in your stories and not complaining when you cook. Click on the video below to see Dad’s Cab in action:

Dad’s Cab is a free download from Ovi Store, and is compatible with S60 5th edition devices.

Staying on the automotive road, our third choice is one that could save you some very real money. Trapster is a free app that alerts you to any police speed traps within four miles of your current position. It isn’t a radar detector but a community-driven service powered by Trapster’s 1.9-million users worldwide. As such there is no guarantee that every single trap will be flagged up, but with those kind of user numbers it should get most of them, and you’re not supposed to be speeding anyway, are you?

You can customise just how alerts are given – the point, after all, is simply to warn you of potential trouble in whatever way works best for you – and reporting a trap is as simple as a one button press. By its nature, Trapster offers no guarantees, but if you consider that it’s completely free to download, it’s a great addition to any app arsenal. Trapster is compatible with a wide range of Nokia S60 3rd Edition and S60 5th Edition devices.

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