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Nokia’s 7705 Twist handset is unlike any other out there. It’s a messaging mogul that swivels down into a compact cube-ette, just 15mm thin. Within its folded form, the square Twist is an easy-to-use 3G phone, toting touch-sensitive customisable keys. Flip it open and a full QWERTY keyboard lets you speed through instant messages, emails, texts and Facebook posts on the pin-sharp 2.4-inch display. Skimming messages is easy on the eyes. Messages are threaded to let you maintain multiple conversations simultaneously, while Habitat Mode gives you a choice of themes to assign and customise avatars for each of your contacts. The onboard 3.2-megapixel camera has a powerful LED flash, easy uploads to Ovi Share and a photo first – a self-timer mode that takes advantages of the Twist’s ability to balance on its straight edges. Apparently, you can trust Huey Lewis: the Twist 7705 proves that it is finally hip to be square.

What they say

“The Nokia Twist 7705 has a decent range of features, a comfortable keyboard and admirable call quality.”

Kent German, CNET

If you only do one thing

Stand out from the crowd with a unique phone that puts social networking at your fingertips. The Nokia Twist 7705’s corner ring features a Contact Light that flashes to alert you to calls, texts and voicemails – and uses different colours for friends in your phone book.


Square up for Nokia Conversations’ square deal on square facts. (Hint: there are a square number of them).

  • A square has a larger area than any other quadrilateral with the same perimeter.



  • Square in slang was originally someone who didn’t appreciate jazz music.


  • L7 is another term for square: make an L with your left hand and a 7 with your right and put them together for a cryptic insult.


  • The set square is an important allegorical symbol for Freemasons.


  • In American Psycho, Patrick Bateman calls Hip to Be Square Huey Lewis’s ‘undisputed masterpiece’.


  • A square rig in sailing is either a sail carried on horizontal spars, or slang for the uniform of Royal Navy ratings.


  • Trafalgar Square is the fourth most popular tourist destination in the world.


  • The symbol for square root was first introduced in 1525, at the same time as + and -.