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November 23, 2009

Spotify on your Nokia

Nokia E71GLOBALSpotify has just added a whole range of Nokia devices to its supported devices list. This means Spotify Premium users will be able to access their Spotify accounts on their devices, through a Symbian application, though Spotify free users will need to upgrade to take advantage. Mobile Spotify users will also be able to create and synchronise playlists, save music to playback in offline mode and search and stream music over the air.

With the service available on devices such as the E71, this brings Spotify to a whole new audience. Most Eseries and Nseries devices are supported (see a full list on the Spotify website) along with a number classic and Xpressmusic devices.

Offline music playing is limited to 3,333 tracks at any one time and you can only keep playlists on your device for 30 days before you need to resync with the service.

Spotify on your mobile is available now in the UK, Spain, France, Sweden, Norway and Finland and as it’s a premium service, it’s also ad-free.

You can download the Spotify app directly on your device (go to or enter your number on the Spotify website and it’ll send you a download link.

The mobile is fast becoming the place to consume your music on the go. Whether it’s with a service like Spotify, or Nokia’s own Comes With Music, which allows you to keep any music you download and doesn’t limit the number of songs you can store, the range of options for consuming music on your mobile is rapidly increasing. Bring it on, we say! What do you think?