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November 25, 2009

Nokia Life in 2015 video – poll results

GLOBAL – The Way We Live Next: Nokia in 2015 teaser video has been a huge talking point here on Conversations, with any number of tantalising products and services to potemtially look forward to in the future.

Last week we asked you to single out which part of the video particularly impressed you. With so many great highlights to choose from, it’s no surprise that the voting was evenly spread, but with the poll now closed, it’s time to take a look at the results.

It wasn’t by much, but the ability to identify known contacts in public places edged it, taking 18 per cent of the vote. The suggestion being that Nokias of the future will be able to pinpoint the exact location of your contacts, pulling all images, video and conversations with that person to hand so you’re not left floundering when they come over to say hello.

But it wasn’t a favourite with everyone, and commenter Hary – who opted instead for sharing TV with friends – makes the reasonable point that technology shouldn’t come at the cost of the old grey matter:

“So far identifying contacts has the highest vote, but i wouldn’t give it too much importance. I would like my memory to take care of that, instead of depending too much on technology for such a case.”

High-quality movie projection also made a big impact, with 16 per cent of you particularly looking forward to the ability to download HD movies from Ovi Store and throw them onto the nearest wall whenever and wherever you please.

Narrowly edging into third place with 13 per cent was intelligent time- and place-based searching, a concept showing the massive deep search potential of the cloud, where you’ll be able to cross-reference people, places and times to find any associated information and media.

Nokia in 2015 is a very social place, and that’s reflected in the equal importance you gave to being able to watch live TV with contacts on screen, the ability to instantly personalise any device thanks to a dedicated key, and share data streams like the music you’re listening to with other people.

And it seems you’ll be so busy having fun with your devices in the future that money won’t matter s whole lot– you chose online banking and selling data to Ovi Store as the least important aspects of Nokia in 2015, which is encouraging news, even if it is unrealistic.

We’ve included the video again below to give you one more look at life with Nokia in 2015: