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November 26, 2009

Poll: The best thing about the Nokia X6 is….

Nokia X6GLOBAL – This week the Nokia X6 hits the streets around the world, just in time to find its way into numerous Christmas stockings, no doubt. One of the most exciting new devices this year will find itself on shop shelves this Friday, going on sale in the UK and Finland.

We only saw the X6 for the first time at Nokia World two months ago, but we were immediately impressed, and everything we’ve heard since about this music-loving masterpiece has only increased our admiration. It looks gorgeous, it’s got a great touchscreen, a top-notch camera, bags of on-board storage and puts a world of music at your fingertips thanks to Comes With Music.

In fact, with so many boxes on our smartphone wishlist firmly checked, we’ve increasingly been asking ourselves what it is about the X6 we’re looking forward to the most. So we decided to ask you, the Conversations faithful: if you had to pick out one (or two, or three – you have choices) aspect of the Nokia X6 you think is the most important or the most impressive, what would it be – and why? The poll is below, and the comments are below that. Enjoy.