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November 27, 2009

A Nokia World – pictures from the N95, part 2

Graffiti CrateGLOBAL – When we started looking through the staggering number of photos people have taken on their Nokia N95s and uploaded to Flickr, we were so swamped with great photos that we decided we couldn’t possibly do them justice by picking just 10. So we decided to showcase this Nokia legend over two weeks. In truth, that’s not nearly doing justice to the quality on offer either, but there are plenty of other Nokia handsets waiting for a piece of the limelight too, so we have to draw the line somewhere.

So, without any further ado here’s part two of our favourite shots on Flickr taken with the N95. Click through on each thumbnail to see more from each photographer, we’ve included links to the full size shot on each one’s individual Flickr channel.


Unknown (Scotland)

Jock the Terrible

What a spectacular image! Detail could not be any crisper, and taking the shot from ground level ensures that deep blue sky has maximum impact. The cabin in the middle distance does a good job of introducing perspective.

Oval EveOval Eve

London (England)


The ominous dark grey clouds lend this shot a moody atmosphere, and you can almost see the tension as the threat of a deluge takes shape. Raw forces of nature always make great subjects for a photo, and the N95 has done a good job in capturing them.

Meadowhall InterchangeMeadowhall Interchange

Sheffield (England)

Secret Pilgrim

Half an inch either way and this is a nothing shot, but Secret Pilgrim has done such a good job that until we noticed the people, we thought this was a mirrored image. OK, the shadows aren’t perfectly balanced, but you can’t really do much about that.

RZ67 on the snowRZ67 on the snow

Cote d’Azur (France)


We brought you a similar shot from Octanou last week, and we’ve fallen for it again this time around. Again, the inclusion of an object you’d have to carry up there in such a desolate shot adds an implied human aspect that wouldn’t otherwise be there.

Graffiti CrateGraffiti Crate

Sydney (Australia)


The bright red crate is the key to this pic. It focuses the eye nicely and stops you trying to find a focal point that isn’t there in the graffiti. In this case the washed out background is ideal, as it isolates all detail to the foreground.


London (England)


This is all about the time of day – the dusky sky gives the colour from the lit windows an olden-day quality, and this bounces nicely off the water. The lighting on the metal sculpture adds a pleasant, almost fantasy-like touch.

View from hotel restaurantView from hotel restaurant

Lombok (Indonesia)

M Skaffari

One of those ‘wish you were here’ shots. An important step towards taking better photos is having the confidence to sometimes let a simple picture tell a simple story. The elegant lines running all through this shot make it very pleasing on the eye.

Saarbr¸cken by the seaSaarbr¸cken by the sea

Saarbr¸cken (Germany)


A great quirky shot. There’s two parts to this – the bizarre wicker chair, and the vividly contrasting setting of beach and trees that surround it. The resulting image is colourful and playful, and leaves you asking just what this shot is all about.

Marriage BloomingMarriage Blooming


A narrowly focused depth of field and just the right kind of lighting are the two most important things in making a metaphorical shot like this work. There’s just enough sunlight playing off the daisies to retain pleasant levels of contrast.

Aparecida do Norte, SPAparecida do Norte, SP

Sao Paulo (Brazil)

Take this shot from on the walkway, or any other angle, and it would be pleasant, but boring. But this way, the meandering line draws the eye on towards the Basilica, and there’s almost a ‘yellow brick road’ feeling to the whole affair.