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November 30, 2009
Lumia Arctic Frenzy, JoikuSpot and Tie Master

TieMasterProGLOBAL – With Ovi Store the apps never stop coming, and the folks over at have taken it upon themselves to write about an exciting new app each and every day. Every week is guaranteed to give us something new, even when we think we’ve seen it all, and this week is no exception.

It’s time to look back at the best of the bunch from last week, and it’s another mercurial mix of the practical, the useful and the entertaining.

We’ll start this week with the entertaining, which comes in the form of Arctic Frenzy , a sort of less militant Battleships where you’ve got to keep penguins hidden from the enemy, not naval warships. In this case the enemy takes the form of misfit elves – presumably on strike from the long hours wrapping gifts for Santa – and the bombs are just snowballs, but the gameplay is just as fierce.

This Java-based frolic in the snow is a simple turned-based affair against either a real or virtual opponent, and is controlled by an on-screen directional keypad. Any Symbian S60-based Nokia can get a piece of the action, and it costs £3 from Ovi Store.

Now onto something of more practical use, and potentially a real money-saver. JoikuSpot Light turns your mobile phone into a WiFi hotspot, so several handsets can share a single 3G signal without each one having to pay separately.

The full-featured version adds connection security, full internet protocol, best performance, VPN, email support and customisable settings. The basic Light version still allows you to share basic internet browsing, and is available as a free download now from Ovi Store. To see JoikuSpot in action, check out MyDailyApp’s video review:

Tie Master Lite is one of those apps that you’d never think of, but when you find it you realise it’s just what you’ve been looking for. Just me? Okay, the light version is really only telling you what you should already know – how to tie a basic knot in your tie.

Go for the $2 upgrade though and you get access to 10 slideshow tutorials showing off how to tie your tie in a variety of ways, for a variety of occasions. Perfect if you’re (like me) tired of doing your tie the same old way and feel frustrated at never having quite mastered the full windsor. Check it out in action below: