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Roma, Parco Forte Ardeatino

GLOBAL – Our world tour of Nokia photography continues this week with the N73, a solid campaigner that’s been in service for a couple of years now. Its photographic credentials – a 3.2-megapixel sensor with autofocus and macro mode – may be a bit limited by today’s standards, but as we saw in putting together our selection of Flickr favourites, that hasn’t stopped Nokia users around the world from taking – and sharing – some excellent shots on the N73.

So here’s our selection – we hope you enjoy it. As usual, feel free to click through on each thumbnail to see more from each photographer, we’ve included links to the full size shot on each one’s individual Flickr channel.

Lead TypeLead Type

Alameda, CA (United States)


A striking shot that’s all about contrast. The chaotic jumble of letters and symbols merge into a whole because the shot was taken head on. Come at this from an angle and the end result is far less effective.

Blue MoonBlue Moon


Alistair Israel

In general, we steer clear of shots that have obviously been doctored, but this one really caught our eye. This is simply a shot of the moon seen through the branches of a tree, but a couple of simple tweaks have transformed it.



Alistair Israel

The contrast between dark grey of the steps and the bright yellow of their painted edges grabs the attention, but then you notice the more subtle contrast between the geometric lines of the steps and the shimmering surface water. Great shot!

Macro with N73Macro with N73



We’re not quite sure what Heanshii means by ‘homemade macro filter’ but we can’t argue with the results. This is just one in a series of incredibly detailed, pin-sharp macro shots and we have to applaud Heanshii’s efforts.




Objects reflected in water are always great subjects for creative abstract shots, and here’s another example. You could argue that the image needs to be better lit, but you could also argue that doing so would spoil it.

Roma, Parco Forte ArdeatinoRoma, Parco Forte Ardeatino

Rome (Italy)


We can’t quite work out what it is about this shot that appeals so much, but it keeps drawing us back. It seems to defy as many rules as it obeys, but the clean natural beauty of the subject matter makes it work just the same.

Terriccio SparsoTerriccio Sparso

Unknown (Italy)


A fantastic abstract macro shot just bursting with great textures. The metal, the stone and the grains of coffee work together to deliver a perfectly balanced image packed with detail and character.


Unknown (Taiwan)


An image that could just as easily be a classical painting as a photo, it’s a study in the merits of economy of composition, lighting and colour. Well laid out and well executed – Mikaos can be pleased with his efforts.


Kamakura (Japan)


This shot made our selection simply because it’s a clever impulsive idea that has been well executed. Despite the amount of colour and detail in both foreground and background, they manage to complement, rather than detract from, each other.

Il Groviera RomanoIl Groviera Romano

Rome (Italy)


This shot only works because it includes plenty of blue sky next to the left of the building. This lets the building edge and the repetitive arches really jump out of the shot. We’d happily look the other way over a bit of subtle Photoshopping to get rid of the street light too!