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December 8, 2009

Poll results – what’s your favourite N900 video so far

What's your favourite N900 video so far?GLOBAL – Every working day for 30 days, we’re showcasing a different facet of the Nokia N900’s brilliance in a 30 second video clip. The end result will be 900 seconds showing off Nokia’s latest masterpiece and the Maemo secret sauce that makes it so tasty.

Last week we decided to celebrate reaching the dozen mark by asking you what had been your favourite video so far, and from the spread of votes it seems there’s very little about the N900 you don’t like.

But there has to be a winner, and taking the prize for your favourite N900 video is Broadcasting live streaming video with QIK. Simplicity is the byword here: fire up the QIK app, start recording and watch your video feed streamed instantly to the internet. It’s a great feature, and 20 per cent of you chose it as one of yours.

Taking second place was Multi-tasking pub window showdown, which saw the 22 windows of our local pub shown up by the 24 windows (and counting) we had running simultaneously on our N900 – a simple way of showing off a very clever OS, and 16 per cent liked this clip the most.

The only other clip to hit double figures was the Stop motion mini movie battery test, which showed our attempts to make a basic stop-motion video of the N900 being unboxed to see the effect on the N900’s battery life. 213 photos later and the N900 had only used up a quarter of its juice. Impressive stuff, and good enough for third place in the poll.

Heading up the best of the rest were How to keep it stuffed with the best apps (9 per cent), which showed how easy Maemo apps are to download and install using the N900’s app manager; Streaming online video to big TV (9 per cent), which demonstrated the N900’s no-fuss approach to sending on-screen content to a bigger screen; and Playing nice with Ovi Files and Apple Mac (7 per cent), which showed off how easy it is to browse and download files from a Mac straight to your N900 using Ovi Files.

With so many videos to choose from, we’ve focused only on the most popular, but the good news is that every video picked up at least some votes, so you’re clearly enjoying watching them.

And that’s good, because we’ve still got plenty more to come – keep an eye out for a new video each day here on Conversations, or head to our main N900 explored in 900 seconds page for links to them all.