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December 10, 2009

What was your favourite service announcement from 2009?

GLOBAL – The second poll in our series of three takes a look at Nokia Services from 2009. With a combination of launches and updates, there was plenty going on in the world of Nokia Services. From the introduction of Ovi Store, to the news of Nokia Money’s impending arrival, the range of services coming from Nokia is increasing rapidly. And, like their device counterparts, they weren’t short on making you come forward to make your views known. Debate has been raging all year on the roll out of services but now’s the time to decide which one gets your vote. Again like devices, we’ll be revealing the results between Christmas and New Year, so be sure to check back then to find out which came out on top. Not everything is included here either, so if you feel there’s something missing, add it and we’ll count up the votes.