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December 14, 2009

MyDailyApp highlights – Fring, Spb Wallet and Battery Extender

FringGLOBAL – We’re well into 2009’s home stretch, and like every year our thoughts come mid-December revolve around spending time with loved ones and, of course, the big Christmas shopping spree.

And with that in mind, the clutch of apps we’ve pulled from the daily offerings over at have been chosen with just these factors in mind.

We start with Fring, one of the hottest apps around on any platform right now. It’s certainly not new to Nokia users, but a new version for Symbian S60 devices is much more than just any old update.

As we wrote about when it launched the other week, it opens up the possibility of making video calls to Fring or Skype contacts from your mobile, using either WiFi or 3G.

Video-calling has been embedded within the application itself, which is free both to download and use (though being web-based you need to factor in potential data connection charges). It’s happy to work with a wide range of email, instant messaging and social networking services. See this demo video to see Fring’s video-calling feature in action:

Next we have Ravensoft’s Battery Extender, which promises to extend your Nokia’s battery life so you can keep those Fring sessions with friends and family going on for longer.

This clever app disables power-hungry functions when the battery starts to run low, extending battery life by as much as 30 per cent. That means fewer charges, and a battery that lasts longer overall.

After setting it up, Battery Extender will run quietly in the background, kicking into gear when needed and cutting juice to functions such as backlight brightness, GPS and Bluetooth.

Battery Extender works on a wide range of Symbian S60 devices. You can download a free 14-day trial version from Ovi Store now.

We finish with Spb Wallet, a helpful security cloak perfectly timed for the Christmas shopping season. As the name suggests, it’s a virtual wallet that safely stores away card details under fully encrypted lock and key.

And it does it in a far more fun way than you might expect. Visual representations of over 3,000 credit cards are included, so you can set up your ‘wallet’ to look just the same in virtual form as in your trouser pocket.

Spb Wallet’s usefulness is in its visual appeal – and you can see for yourself by checking out this video of the app running on a Nokia 5800:

This invaluable business app costs £12.99 to download, which is a small price to pay for peace of mind.