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GLOBAL – Getting music on your mobile has never been easier. Comes With Music offers access to millions of tracks to download, for free, once you’ve bought a compatible handset. With access to all the music when you want, where you want, it offers a unique solution. What’s more, being able to download music via your PC, or your mobile device means you can get access to music quickly, and easily. We’ve been spending the week with a range of Comes With Music compatible devices, looking at just how easy it is. The range of devices on offer with Comes With Music is expanding too, with the recent arrival of the Nokia X6. We’ve rounded up some of the key handsets on video, along with quick tutorials on getting set up with Nokia Ovi Player and Comes With Music. Video festival begins after the jump.

Nokia X6 downloading music via your PC

Nokia 5130 and Comes With Music

Nokia X6 and Comes With Music

Nokia X6 setting up Comes With Music

Nokia 5800 and Comes With Music