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December 17, 2009

A Nokia World – pictures from the 5800 XpressMusic

A Nokia World - pictures from the 5800 XpressMusicGLOBAL – This week’s Nokia world tour of Flickr takes in photos taken with the 5800 XpressMusic, and boy were we impressed. It’s worth repeating that this phone is called the XpressMUSIC – as in the camera is an added extra. And yet we’d be hard pressed not to call this week’s selection as our best so far. Just goes to show that a 3.2-megapixel camera doesn’t have to be a hold you back from taking great pictures.

But enough from us; we’ll let the pictures do the talking – you can click through on each thumbnail to see more from each photographer, we’ve included links to the full size shot on each one’s individual Flickr channel.

Derelict CottageDerelict Cottage

Yorkshire (England)


A simply stunning cameraphone shot. The moodiness of the derelict building with its pitch-black emptiness inside comes to life by shooting in black and white, and dlsmith’s composition is spot on. One of the best pics we’ve seen so far in our Flickr travels.

Storm Clouds over Union Station YesterdayStorm Clouds over Union Station Yesterday

Washinton, DC (USA)


Another great shot with minimal use of colour, well spotted by a keen photographic eye. There’s something almost biblical about the brightness peeking through the heavy great clouds, but it’s the flash of colour from the lamps that lifts this shot from good to great.


New York (USA)


Some basic tricks have produced a very pleasant pic here. Shooting in black and white and having the subject’s back turned gives a cold, unwelcoming feel to this shot, which is perfect given the title. The implication that the train has to travel uphill is good too.

10012009044- sample macros10012009044- sample macros

Rome (Italy)


We don’t often pull out this type of shot for commendation, but we’re making an exception here because of just how delicately doctormauri73 has captured this scene. Detail is all but perfect and the colours are wonderfully soft.


Taiping (Malaysia)


This is just a great pic, and proves that equipment only takes you so far. The shimmering sheen off the road leading into the distance is wonderfully framed by the high-contrast dark tones of the buildings to the side.

The Best Location In DysartThe Best Location In Dysart

Dysart (Scotland)


By no means the best of this week’s selection, but we chose it anyway because it’s a lesson in basic composition and how abstract objects can be used to grab attention and tell a story without the need for fancy tricks.




Lovely mix of colours and great depth of field, especially by having a wall in the background rather than an infinite horizon. Take this from waist height and it’s a nothing shot. Drop to ground level and it’s stunning.

Storm CloudsStorm Clouds

Heybridge Basin (England)

Will Kemp

The kind of scene you just have to capture. You can almost feel the expectancy of the land with that huge storm rolling in, and the mix of colours is fantastic. We just hope Will Kemp made it out of there in time…


London (England)

Reza Masoudi

We’ve seen this kind of shot often in colour, but this is the best black and white example we’ve come across. The sun being just behind the trees gives the rest of the frame added life and applies great contrast to the lamps.

Palermo: Piana degli Albanesi...neve & bacche...Palermo: Piana degli Albanesi…neve & bacche…

Palermo (Italy)


The crisp blue sky and winter air after a snowstorm always make for stunningly vivid photos but this one rises to a whole new level thanks to the injection of bright red in the foreground. A very pleasant shot to look at.