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December 17, 2009

N900 video round up: microblogging, science apps, song lyrics, blogging, multi-tasking, talktime, accelerometer apps and IM

Nokia N900GLOBAL – It’s been a busy week in the Conversations video production office, playing about with the Nokia N900 and its increasing abilities. This week we’ve been looking at blogging, both of the regular and micro variety. We’ve also been taking a look at a variety of apps for science and the accelerometer. Oh, and we had a nice long chat with the lady from the speaking clock, to test talktime. If you haven’t seen these already, check them out after the jump.

Microblogging made easy

Scientist survival pack

Enhance your music with song lyrics

Blogging on the move made easy

Juggling heavyweight tasks

Talking clock talktime challenge

Eccentric accelerometer apps

Instant messaging made easy