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December 18, 2009

Conversations coming to China

BeijingGLOBAL – We’re expanding next year as we aim to launch local editions of Conversations, first in China but with other countries following. We recognise the need for having a combination of Nokia insiders and independent journalists to help bring Conversations to life. As such, we’re now looking for a top class editor to join our expanding team and help bring Nokia Conversations (China edition) to life. Are you the right person? Do you know the right person? Read on to find out…

With a daily publishing schedule that spans the entire year, Nokia Conversations is more than a blog – we see it as a publication. It acts as a platform for Nokia to reach its customers, and fans and for its fans and customers to reach Nokia. It’s the bridge, if you like, that connects people from outside and inside the company.

Branching into a new territory, in its local language is a challenge we’re really excited about. And we hope you are too. But what kind of person are we looking for? Passionate about technology, and specifically, mobile technology is top of the list. Chinese needs to be a first language, with fluency in English an important second. You’ll be an experienced journalist with a proven track record online. You’ll need to be a self-starter, motivated and keen to make a difference. You’ll also need a keen interest in design, Nokia as a business, sustainability and the emerging markets. And of course, you will be already based in Beijing.

Interested? Great. We’d like you to write 350 words on what you think is the most exciting and significant Nokia device to launch in China in the last 3 years and why? We’d like this written in English, and Chinese and submitted to the Conversations faithful before January 4, 2010. You can email your submission to [email protected]

Successful applicants will then be contacted for further interviewing.

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