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December 18, 2009

Offline as it happens, continued…

John-and-kylieDOWN UNDER – Remember John? The hapless fella who didn’t realise the wedding venue had changed, slept through the passing of a meteorite whilst out fishing and then watched helplessly from the boat as the rain poured down on his open-top sports car. With the roof still down. Well, the folks responsible felt sorry for him, so they sent him on a bit of a holiday. To Australia.

Fear not though, as John is no longer offline – he’s going down under armed with a Nokia N900 and an N97 mini, which will enable him to report on his trip. Oh, and he’s bringing a girl too – the aptly-named Kylie.

They’ll be landing on Monday and you can follow their 48-hour road trip at Twitter and on Facebook. They’ll make it worth your while, too, as they’ve got a bag full of Nokia goodies to give away. Well, it is Christmas!

Just in case you missed it first time round, we’ve posted John’s appalling escapades below. Enjoy!

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