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December 21, 2009

Happy holidays – we’re off!

GLOBAL – Okay, we might not actually be ‘off’ but we’re only going to be around a little bit during the holidays. Don’t worry though, there’ll still be a daily dose of reads on Conversations to keep you happy and your mind turning. We’ll also be checking in on comments regularly, to make sure the queue doesn’t build up. Whilst the world is enjoying the holiday season, here’s a run down on what we’ve got in store for you whilst we’re busy doing the stuff we should have been doing when we were sat writing this stuff. If you know what I mean. Full deets after the jump….

This week and next are all about looking back. And there’s good reason for that. Not only is there a whole bunch of stuff to review from this year, by far our busiest on Conversations, but come Monday January 4, there’ll be a whole bunch of good stuff to look forward to. About 12 months’ worth, in fact.

This week we’re picking apart one of the most important aspects of Nokia Conversations, the debates. We’re very lucky to have such a loyal and committed audience who like nothing more than to let us know what you’re thinking. Sometimes you let us have it with both barrels, but that’s fine. Keep the comments coming, as it’s a really important part of what makes Conversations work.

As such, today and tomorrow, we’ll be looking at the hottest debate from every month of 2009. Later today you’ll find January to June and tomorrow you’ll be getting July to December. We’ll include links to all the debates so you can go back and read the comments (do, they’re even more fascinating now when you look at them from a different perspective).

On Wednesday we’ll be turning our attention to the polls. Like comments, you lot don’t hold back when we get it wrong on the polls front (which we seemed to frequently do at one stage). And that’s okay, it keeps us in check. Check back on Wednesday to find out what the top 10 polls were from 2009, and what made them so interesting.

Once Santa’s been, we’ll be back again (in our virtual forms) next week with more reviews. Remember those polls you voted on last week? Well the results will be revealed next week. I’m excited to discover what you thought was the best app, service and device from 2009. Actually, I already know, but I’m not telling. You’ll have to come back next Monday to find out the answer to those.

We’ll be back in action full time on January 4. Well, sort of. Myself and Mike will actually by on our way across the Atlantic to Las Vegas for the annual Consumer Electronics Show. We’ll be joined there on Tuesday by Phil and Dan, whilst Carita mans the phones back in HQ. Check back then for a full report from CES. Meanwhile, Merry Christmas, happy new year and here’s to a brilliant 2010 for all of us.