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The dawn of a new decade is a welcome invitation for glimpsing back – we recently rounded up the best of 2009, plus you’ve been busy discussing the Nokia device of the decade – but we reckon now is also the ideal opportunity to look forward (neatly coinciding with this week’s upcoming innovation-fuelled International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, which we’ll be reporting from this week) and open a hearty debate on what future technologies you think are going to prove the most exciting and significant over the coming 120 months.

We’ve pulled together a few of your favourite future concepts and developments that we’ve covered previously here on Conversations – hopefully these may help ignite inspiration and fuel a discussion on what you believe will be the real breakthroughs for Nokia and mobile technology as we gaze excitedly at the horizon.

Over the past couple of years there have been a bunch of future technologies and concepts that have struck a chord with many of you here on Conversations.

Most recently the video of Your Nokia in 2015 was home to a heap of chatter. Watch it here…

Likewise we’ve been graced with some exciting concepts and projects from the Nokia Research Center – this time last year we were treated to the first look at the Locate Sensor research project at the International Consumer Electronics Show, which triggered some interesting ideas from many of you.

Our exploration of mobile gesture design was another topic that seemed to strike a chord. Make sure you take a stroll through our Future Technologies section for more.

But what do you think?

What future technologies are you most excited about? Join the discussion below!

Photo from Ella’s Dad