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January 6, 2010

Nokia E72 – is refinement as important as innovation?

ChandelierLAS VEGAS, USA – As I sit here in the journalist-flooded corridor of The Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas, just about to head into CES Unveiled (a preview event for this week’s CES 2010 show), I got to thinking about the new E72 I’ve been using over the past week. Now, CES is show that champions innovation and celebrates newness with fervent glee, yet I’ve been sat here for the past half hour, very happily checking emails and taking photos on my E72 (I just snapped that chandelier – it’s bigger than my car!), a phone that is an example of what can be achieved when you refine, rather than rebuild and start from scratch. So is refinement as important as innovation? Click through to join in the discussion and leave your thoughts.

I think the E72 is proof that there’s a real place for refinement – I used the E71 for a long time and it was a great pocket companion. Personally, the improved camera and other small refinements and nuances that now exist in the E72 make it an even more satisfying handset. Granted, in some cases familiarity can breed contempt, but certainly not from where I’m sitting.

That said, I think this opens a couple of interesting follow-on questions. How much can you refine a product before it becomes something completely new? Or flip it the other way, and is innovation really just refinement in disguise?

Let us know what you think in the comments section due south.