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January 7, 2010

A Nokia World – pictures from the N900

Pic10GLOBAL – The awesome new Nokia N900 is a stunning device , so it’s a perfect way to kick off the new year as we continue our look at the best shots posted by intrepid Nokia owners on photo-sharing site Flickr. And even though it hasn’t been around for long, keen-eyed photo enthusiasts around the globe have been using its superb photo-snapping credentials to great effect.

Enjoy 2010’s debut collection of Nokia snaps below (or after the jump), as always, you can click through on each thumbnail to see more from each photographer, we’ve included links to the full size shot on each one’s individual Flickr channel.


San Francisco, CA (US)


The unintentional lines and shapes made by everyday structures always have the potential to reward the creative photographer with unusual, playful photo opportunities, and this is one of the best examples we’ve seen in a while.

Cows! #N900Cows! #N900

Muiden (Netherlands)


We can’t quite put our finger on just what the appeal is of this unusual pic, but for such an essentially unremarkable shot it catches the eye well. Perhaps it’s the clean lines and colours, or the implied healthiness of the combination of bike and pasture, but it simply works.


Unknown (Finland)


Yes, this shot has been touched up using the N900’s on-board editing, but it’s an eye-catching image nonetheless, displaying great colour and detail in a superbly lit scene. Top marks to the photographer for managing to get up close for such an opportunistic pic.

Ice SticksIce Sticks

Unknown (Finland)


A striking picture of hanging icicles and their shadows taken side-on. We’d love to see the bigger picture here for interest’s sake, as the photo and the way it is lit magnificently isolates the subject to spectacular effect.

I can see colorsI can see colors

Espoo (Finland)


There’s certainly no shortage of colours on display from this interesting set of buildings not far from Nokia’s HQ. Despite the lighting not being the best, the N900 has soaked up the vibrant colours well.


Unknown (Thailand)


A soul’s remedy for anyone experiencing the European winter, this photo is simply a case of seeing a beautiful scene, picking up the N900 and taking a photo. And for the life of us, we can’t think of anything wrong with that.

Wooden BridgeWooden Bridge

Jeddah (Saudi Arabia)


It doesn’t really matter where this bridge goes to, its pleasant geometrics and suggestive shooting angle guarantee an attractive outcome. Taking the shot in soft light allow the wooden boards to be captured in maximum detail.


Canary Islands (Spain)

Paco Jafra

An extraordinary landscape well captured by the N900. The harsh, near-lunar mountain in the background and eye-catching rock formation closer to hand make for an interesting contrast, while the rich blues of the sky add a good splash of colour.

En pleno AnagaEn pleno Anaga

Canary Islands (Spain)

Paco Jafra

Some really amazing colours and textures in this shot. The soft purples and greens and hazy atmosphere give this natural environment a delicate, exotic look, while the N900 has captured it all in superbly sharp detail.


Unknown (Finland)


Very creative, and very clever, simultaneously showing off some smart thinking from the photographer and some smart mobile hardware from Nokia in the N900.