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January 7, 2010

Trimble Outdoors lands on Ovi Store

TrimbleLAS VEGAS, USA – Active types will be pleased to hear that outdoor navigation software, Trimble Outdoors lands on Ovi Store today. It joins the treasure hunting app, Geocache navigator to add some smart applications to your GPS-enabled device. The apps are available for a range of Nokia handsets including the N97, 5800, N95 and E71.

Trimble Outdoors enables you to use your mobile device for waypoint navigation, making offroad navigation easy and real. The app teams up with an online application which enables users to plot their own offroad routes on a PC before downloading them directly to the app. An update later in the year will also enable users to share routes with friends.

We caught up with the Trimble folks at CES and they were super excited about getting the apps released on Ovi Store. Trimble Outdoors is hugely popular with mountain bikers and hikers as it enables them to create and record new routes easily, and monitor their performance on subsequent rides or runs.

Geocache navigator sports over 900,000 geocaches for users to find. Users can also access information on each geocache, including hints and tips previous users have left to help others find the hidden cache. Suitable for new users, as well as advanced users, Geocache navigator also works with a range of Nokia devices.