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January 11, 2010

OPK keynote at CES 2010 – reactions and reports

OPK-keynote-CES-2010LAS VEGAS, USA – Last Friday saw Nokia CEO, Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo, take to the stage at CES 2010 in a speech entitled “Connecting the Next Billion: The New Frontier of Upward Mobility”. We reported on the highlights and the new $1m Venture Challenge announcement – if you’re interested you can read the full transcript. So 72 hours later, with the dust having settled from OPK’s talk, we were keen to find out what others were saying in reaction to Nokia’s keynote. Read on to see what was said, share any other opinions you may have come across, and, of course, scribble down your thoughts after the break.

A number of sites performed liveblog reports from OPK’s keynote, including Engadget, and Nokia Experts, reacting minute-by-minute to what was being said on stage. The likes of Nokia Life Tools deliver country-relevant content for people in emerging markets via SMS, so in response Chris Zeigler at Engadget asked the interesting question of further enhancing location-based services in growth economy territories:

Engadget liveblog: “Here’s a dilemma: how do you bring location-based services without integrated GPS? Tower triangulation, of course, which Nokia is using extensively in some of its emerging market projects. We wonder how long it’ll be before GPS chipsets are cheap enough to push all the way down to the lowest segments of the market.”

There was also some amusing coverage from Engadget. In response to news of Forum Nokia teaming up with Sesame Street for Calling all Innovators 2010 it had this to say:

Engadget liveblog: “If this means our N900 comes preloaded with Big Bird wallpaper, we’re on board.” was another, touching on the part of the keynote where Jan Chipchase, Nokia’s ‘Indiana Jones’, came on to talk about researching opportunities around the planet and what’s involved in his globetrotting fact-finding missions: liveblog: “We’re onto research in the developing world. “Do we have the right to be there?” [Jan Chipchase] Normally this stuff comes over as waffle, but Nokia clearly knows what it’s on about… Nokia’s scouting potential projects in Afghanistan. Apparently it’s ideal for researching new products. Don’t fancy heading there to find out to be honest.”

In his liveblog report Matthew Miller at Nokia Experts commented on the challenges faced for people buying devices in emerging countries – even when faced with the lowest cost devices available:

Nokia Experts liveblog: “Only $32 in many markets around the world, India and China included. This is nothing for us, but can be a month’s income for many around the world. I can’t imagine if I spent a full month’s income on a single smartphone. Makes you think a bit about the price we cry about paying for our even more capable smartphones, huh?… Not a keynote about new devices, but definitely one that has me thinking about what is important to me.”

If you read other reports on OPK’s keynote speech that you’d like to share, post your findings in the comments section below. Plus, leave your thoughts directly below.