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January 12, 2010

MyDailyApp highlights – Kurt Dunder and Smart Trivia

MyDailyApp highlights – Kurt Dunder and Smart TriviaGLOBAL – It’s proving a long hard winter for practically everyone living in the northern hemisphere. But the flipside is that all those cold nights spent firmly indoors means more time getting stuck in to your favourite apps on your Nokia.

And nobody knows more about apps than MyDailyApp, and with another week down that means another clutch of daily apps to keep our fingers tapping.

This week we’ve picked out just two, but there’s more than enough here to keep you engrossed on the longest of winter nights.

We start with the superbly named Kurt Dunder which as you might expect is a comic book-based app. Kurt is an unlikely superhero on a noble quest: to make education as fun as possible.

In a series of episodes Kurt and his pet monkey Atilla embark on a series of adventures that require your regular input on a range of multiple-choice issues. Pick the right answer, or the story ends early.

The Kurt Dunder series is colourfully drawn and comes with a cracking soundtrack, and so far there are 10 episodes available for Symbian S60 3rd edition devices, grouped in packs of three or four costing $0.99 / £1 to download from Ovi Store.

For a more straight-laced cerebral challenge we have Smart Trivia, a question-and-answer quiz game containing a total of 1,200 trivia teasers to get the old grey matter working.

You can play in either single player mode or head to head online, with each player getting the same ten questions to answer.

Questions appear on-screen along with stats on how many people have answered correctly thus far, so you know how stupid to feel should you get it wrong. You can tally up your own performance too and compare with fellow aspiring brainboxes.

Smart Trivia works with all S60 5th edition Nokias, and will cost £0.99 / £1 to download.

Don’t forget to keep ’em peeled for another roundup next week, or head directly to MyDailyApp for your daily fix of Ovi app goodness.