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GLOBAL – Hot on the heels of yesterday’s news of an over-the-air software update coming to N900, comes word of the Ovi Store swinging its doors open on Nokia N900. We spent much of last month exploring the talents of the Maemo 5 handset in a series of bite-size 30-second videos (watch them here), so news of the Ovi Store going live on N900 is a welcome addition, enabling you to hunt for and download apps even quicker than before. Read on to find out more.

Ovi Store universal

Nokia’s download store is already available for most Symbian S60, Symbian and S40 phones, but today’s launch sees support for Maemo handsets such as the N900 added as well. You can find it at

Today’s news sees Ovi Store earn full integration on the N900, so when you click on any Ovi Store icon, bookmark or shortcut on your N900 desktop you’re taken to a smart Ovi Store interface tailored for N900 (pictured). A heap of apps and games have already been made available, including some super smart slivers of N900 software including live video broadcast app Qik (watch video), and live lyric-searching app TuneWiki (watch video). A collection of themes for personalisation and other fun little movies have been added, with stacks more on the horizon.