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January 14, 2010

A Nokia World – pictures from the 6300

pic10GLOBAL – The Nokia 6300 was a big hit when it launched last year, and is the kind of above-average all-rounder Nokia is famous for. In these days of all-singing touchscreens it might be seen as a bit on the plain side, but it’s still capable of doing the business, as our selection of Flickr shots from 6300 owners shows. Think you can’t take decent shots with a 2-megapixel camera? Well, read on and get the plates ready for some humble pie.

For the full sized shot, and a better sense of why it appealed to us, simply click through on the thumbnail. That will take you through to the original Flickr page, where you can also see more from each photographer on their individual Flickr channel.


London (UK)

Jared Benney

We’ve said it before – there are some great architectural shapes ready to reward an intrepid photographer with their eyes open for something different. The airy staircase of London’s Bloombury House is a perfect example, and has been nicely captured here.

Mt Everest you can't seeMt Everest you can’t see

Mt Everest (Nepal)


OK, to be fair it’s not really giving other photographers a chance when Mount Everest is your subject, but that’s just the way it goes. This shot very much proves the point that mobile phones really are go-anywhere portable cameras. Wonder if you can send a picture message from there?

T2 bulliT2 bulli

Berlin (Germany)


Attitude, creativity, cleverness – this shot is a good mix of all of them. And for props, all you need is a dusty old wheelcap. Better still, the star of the show – the Nokia 6300 – gets to be in the shot too.


Kerry (Ireland)


A stunningly pristine natural scene captured superbly by the 6300. Not sure if this is an early morning shot or just one of those moody days, but the subdued lighting gives the scene a beautiful soft-focus quality.

the day i forgot my camerathe day i forgot my camera

Leipzig (Germany)


Look at the bit of blue sky and you’ll see this shot is actually quite grainy, but that’s not always a bad thing. For composition, setting and most of all a fun photographic idea expertly executed this one gets top marks in our book.

Broom LoverBroom Lover


Livin the Designer-in-Pajamas

A beautifully done minimalist shot. The purity of the colours – including the subtle green – are so easy on the eye, and the texture of the broom is punchily captured by the 6300 in a way that makes it jump off the deep red background.

A moorhen on the runA moorhen on the run

S¯revÂgen Utsira (Norway)


Technically it might be far from perfect, but for pure timing this one makes the grade. It has plenty of depth too. Your eyes travel from the surface through the clear water to the undergrowth, then back to the surface to follow the moorhen’s path out of shot.

Inverted zipperInverted zipper


M i x y

An abstract eye for detail, a good close macro execution, and a confident roll of the dice when it comes to editing can combine to excellent effect. The best part is that this is a shot anyone can take without leaving the house.

the day i forgot my camera IVthe day i forgot my camera IV

Leipzig (Germany)


We’re infinitely grateful that the camera was forgotten on this day, as this is the second of chinita_jill’s efforts that have made our selection this week. Composition, camera placement and lighting are all spot on.


Doha (Qatar)


Winter in Qatar is as tropical-looking as summer in most other places, but it’s the clever photographer’s secret weapon – the early morning light – that gives Buboy’s effort here enough to rise above all the other abstract sky shots out there.