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January 14, 2010

Brushing the dust off Indy’s hat

Jan-Chipchase-ChinaLAS VEGAS, USA – Many of you, especially newer readers here on Conversations, may know little about Jan Chipchase. In fairness, he’d dropped off our radar in recent times, until he reemerged onstage at the Nokia keynote speech for a few minutes at CES 2010, aptly introduced by OPK with the moniker of Indiana Jones. We’ve spent many months keenly reporting on what he was up to in the past year, then it all went a little quiet. Why? Well, as it turns out Nokia’s unique and ever-insightful design anthropologist has been in the field, most notably Afghanistan, researching opportunities and doing what he does best… exploring fresh perspectives and new frontiers.

So join us after the jump as we brush the dust off Indy’s hat and bring you an overview of some of the stuff that paints a picture of what Jan Chipchase does at Nokia, and how he and his team go about gathering information from the frontline.

In one of his latest blog posts on his personal site FuturePerfect, Jan has linked to a handful of interesting examples of the sort of things he gets up to, how he does what he does, and some recent findings with regards to the topic of Mobile Phone Practices & The Design of Mobile Money Services for Emerging Markets – he as put together an interesting slideshow and essay that you can view and download here.

He’s also a great photographer, and has linked to a bunch of photos of what life looks like on the road – have a look. He’s also highlighted snaps from specific locations, including Afghanistan, Mongolia, India and China.

Plus, here’s a link to his grass roots innovation articles that see Jan spotting smart solutions at street level (street hacks) along with an interesting essay on ‘fakes’ in China.

Now he’s back on our radar, we’ll be sure to bring you more updates on what Jan’s up to on his globetrotting adventures in search of inspiration, innovation and understanding how people behave and wish to interact with mobile devices and solutions.

Let us know what you think, or if you have any questions, post them below and we’ll select the best ones and do our best to get a response from Nokia’s Indiana Jones.

Photo from FuturePerfect