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January 18, 2010

MyDailyApp highlights – Bounce Evolution, Pixelpipe and ForecaWeather Widget

ForecaWeatherGLOBAL Ovi Store’s already huge appeal became even bigger in the last week with news that the new Maemo-5 powered Nokia N900 has been welcomed into the fold, with Ovi now stocking downloadable apps for the N900 as well as the existing fare for Symbian-based devices.

To celebrate, our chums over at have dedicated the past week picking out the best Ovi apps for N900 owners, and we’ve done the same in our weekly selection of our three favourites. And Symbian owners, fear not: we haven’t forgotten you, and we’ll be back in our usual stride next week.

We begin with a real highlight, and one of the best apps around on any device: Bounce Evolution. Making full use of the N900’s fluid motion control credentials, along with its superb graphics power, Bounce is in essence about guiding your character – little more than a round, red ball – down a variety of “tracks”, such as a lush forest scene or high-tech rollercoaster track – complete with all the associated obstacles and visual surprises.

It may sound simple, but the idea is brilliantly executed, and Bounce is a hugely addictive title. Don’t believe us? To quote MyDailyApp: “Graphics like this have never been done before on any mobile device, hands down”.

N900 owners can get their hands on the beta release of Bounce Evolution free of charge from Ovi Store now.

For N900 social media addicts we have Pixelpipe Media Uploader, a massively useful utility that creates a direct link between any file on your N900 and all your favourite social networking sites.

Pixelpipe integrates with the other sharing services already on the N900, but adds a direct option to “Share via service”. On setting up your Pixelpipe account you specify which services you wish to use – the usual suspects are all here, including Facebook and Twitter – and once you’ve done the associated tagging and the like, your file vanishes into the social network ether.

Also still in beta on Ovi Store, Pixelpipe is a free download, available now.

We finish with ForecaWeather Widget, a versatile and powerful weather app from Helsinki-based Foreca.

There’s no reinventing the wheel here, but ForecaWeather does all the simple things well, and throws in a fair number of less-than-simple things too. These include support for four cities at a time – useful for regular travelers – and details include temperature, humidity, visibility, wind speed, and sunrise and sunset info.

You can look up to nine days into the future, with plenty of outward links should you require further info, and the whole thing is wrapped up in an interface that’s a fair bit more attractive than the weather itself at this time of year.

Like our other two offerings this week, ForecaWeather Widget is free to download as an Ovi Store Beta for N900 owners, but Symbian 3rd and 5th Edition versions are also available.

That’s it from us for another week. Point your radar at for the latest and greatest Ovi apps on a daily basis, or check back in with us next week for more highlights.