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BEIJING, China – The second of our series of four videos from Beijing takes a look inside the Nokia design studio and follows the device through to the factory floor. The overriding theme is one of quality, with various measures in place along the way to ensure every device that leaves the factory lives up to Nokia’s exacting standards.

Sean Su is the lead designer at Nokia’s Beijing design studio and he talks about the single standard he works to, and that’s one of quality. And, in what must be a first (I hadn’t seen one in action until now) is a video of Nokia’s 3D printer, which is used to create a 3D model of a device, straight from the designer’s drawings. It’s a pretty amazing process, and one definitely worth watching. I’ve held a 3D model in my hand before, and it’s uncanny how it resembles a real product. It might not be able to make calls, but it still gives a good feeling of what the final device will be like in the hand.

Down on the factory floor, our presenter talks to Lee Chin Beng, quality manager. He highlights some of the techniques and tools used in the production process to measure and check the quality of the final output. The result? Whatever device you buy, its myriad capabilities will have been tested and checked before it leaves the factory floor. Now, over to the video so you can see for yourselves. Enjoy.