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January 20, 2010

Nokia in Beijing – Reliability

Nokia-China-reliabilityBEIJING, China – The third video in our mini-series of four films from Nokia in China sees us take a long elevator ride into the basement of the Beijing campus. It’s here where Nokia’s test engineers examine the reliability of upcoming devices, pushing the limits of mechanical endurance.

Daky Yang is one of Nokia’s test engineers responsible for putting handsets in some pretty brutal scenarios, but explains that testing mobiles against the strain of day-to-day life requires a firm hand.

“When we perform the tests, we understand that people use their phones in different ways. But we have to take all the phones through the most extreme tests.”

For example, as you’ll see in the video below, there’s a machine that simulates what it’s like for a phone to be sat in your pocket for much of the day, but performs an aggravated and rather pantomime action to mimic reality on an amplified scale, thousands of times.

In this video you’ll also see how the Beijing team of engineers take upcoming phones to extremes in other tests. This includes locking devices in high-tech humidity boxes, clever cookers, and subject them to the infamous Nokia drop-test machine. If you’re adverse to seeing phones in distress, look away now. Otherwise hit play and leave your comments below.