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GLOBAL – Our own description of the Nokia N82 says that under its shiny silver skin “beats the heart of a pure digital camera”. A bold statement indeed, but one completely justified by this week’s collection of fantastic snaps posted by N82 owners on Flickr. With a 5-megapixel CMOS sensor and a clutch of photographer-friendly extras, the N82 really does go beyond what you have the right to expect from a mobile phone.

We’ll let the shots themselves take it from here – to see the full original on Flickr, simply click on the thumbnail. There you can also read more about the picture in question, and view the photographer’s other snaps. Enjoy!


Genoa (Italy)


It took us a while to work out that this shot was taken upwards from below a stairway inside the plush Hotel Bristol, but it’s a brilliantly spotted idea, and well done to the N82 for coping expertly with the potentially tricky interior lighting.

Holiday's overHoliday’s over


Adam Piotrowski

A beautifully delicate pic that delivers the exact emotions you’d expect given its title. Taking the shot with further straw bales in the background does a good job of adding perspective, typically a problem with such open shots taken outside.


Mount Bromo (Indonesia)


A breathtaking view looks no worse off for having been captured using a humble mobile phone. Yes, there’s some unnecessary clutter around the edge of the frame, but that hardly matters when your eyes are drawn so quickly to the majestic sight beyond.

Afternoon kayakingAfternoon kayaking

Sˆdermanland (Sweden)


The beautifully calm waters melt into the sky in this great pic, making you just wish you were there. But it’s the front of the kayak that really does the trick, adding a human element that lets you place the photographer in the scene.

Gateway to KashmirGateway to Kashmir

Jammu and Kashmir (India)


All we can say is wow. This spectacular pic brings together the best of composition, camera quality and evocative setting. The moment you see that winding road in the distance you suddenly wish it was you about to saddle up and hit the open road.

Rio MekongRio Mekong

Mekong River (Vietnam)

Lu Monte

In terms of picture quality, this is far from the best of this week’s selection, but getting in nice and tight with the N82 allows the chaos and colour of this Vietnam river scene to tell its own story. Nicely done.


Morges (Switzerland)


OK, we’ve all taken this type of shot before, but how many times has it come out this beautifully? The background is a little washed out, but you could drink in the rich, deep tones of the flowers in the foreground all day long.


Helsinki (Finland)

Tero Heino

A nice forced perspective shot well executed. The car is a teeny bit small – not to mention quite battered – but without anything to directly compare it with behind, you get away with it. Evening lighting makes selling the concept a little easier too.


Macerata (Italy)

gigi 62

Well, call us a sucker for a pretty scene, but there’s something profoundly right about this beautiful setting. This is the type of shot that gets that incredulous “you took that with a phone?” reaction. Well done, Nokia N82!

In a LineIn a Line

Al Madinah (Saudi Arabia)


There’s a little HDR action going on here, but you need the basics to be there for it to work, and there’s no question that’s the case here. Vivid colours and crisp detail lends this opulent scene even more grandeur than it already has, and that’s saying something.