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January 25, 2010

MyDailyApp highlights – Celebrity Tweets, ReMo Recorder and Nokia Energy Profiler

Nokia Energy ProfilerGLOBAL – As Ovi Store matures, one of the key themes that is increasingly emerging is diversity. Apps now come in all shapes and sizes, and cater for every mobile need.

Take this week’s trio from – all have a very different agenda, but all three do their job superbly to add new levels of versatility to your favourite Nokia.

Don’t forget that if this weekly helping of three Ovi apps isn’t enough, you can get your fix daily by heading directly to itself.

How many of you like a bit of juicy celeb gossip? More than are willing to admit, we’d bet. Well, thanks to Celebrity Tweets, you can keep your little secret between you and your Nokia. It puts a star-roll of 1,000 celebs right at your fingertips, from actors and musicians to athletes and politicians.

Virtually stalking your favourites is as simple as adding their names to your personal Favorites from the five category list, and while you don’t have the ability to spread the word yourself via retweet, it’s a simple app that will keep your Symbian S60 series 5 phone in the loop, and costs $1.99 /£1.50 to download from Ovi Store.

Now onto something far more practical – ReMo Recorder. It does a simple job, namely letting you record and label conversations, but it does it well, and adds plenty more power if you go looking for it.

You can record memos, calls or conference calls, making it equally useful as a personal memo-taker or a full-blown business meeting recorder. Better still, should you upgrade from the free two-week trial version, the full app lets you record video calls and store recordings online.

The ReMo Recorder trial version is available for all S60 3rd and 5th edition handsets, and should you like what you see, the $6.99 / £6.00 full version is also on Ovi Store.

Understanding how your device uses power might not be something you want to know everyday, but when you do, Nokia Energy Profiler is designed to tell you.

This handy app gives you a visual representation of your phone’s power use as it goes about its business, with available graphs including power use, current, voltage and processor load so you can see just where your phone is sapping its power supply.

Useful, yes, but when seen in a developer context it’s closer to invaluable, letting you track exactly where your app needs streamlining to reduce its impact on power use.

Best of all, it’s completely free to download and works with Symbian S60 3rd and 5th edition phones.

That’s our pick for this week – keep up to date with the latest and greatest Ovi apps by heading to