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GLOBAL – The hugely popular new Ovi Maps updated with free walk and drive navigation for life is now available for Nokia N97 users to download. This Ovi Maps update can be downloaded by N97 users who have installed phone software version 2.0.x. The new Ovi Maps is available through the software update client in the device. You simply open the Applications Folder, Software Update client (big green arrow) and choose the new Ovi Maps from the list.

This update is available now for users who have already updated their Nokia N97 to the latest software version (2.0.x). If you haven’t updated your software, or you’re not sure what version you’re using, you can check by typing *#0000# into your device. If the device isn’t up to date, you can update it by using the Nokia Software Updater or you can check for the latest version on

Some N97 users won’t yet have access to version 2.0.x. The folks are working on this, so there should be a roll-out of a newer software version shortly in all markets for the N97.

We expect to have news on other devices over the coming weeks, so stay tuned if yours doesn’t yet support the all new Ovi Maps.