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February 1, 2010

MyDailyApp highlights – Speedhero, Loan Analyzer and Earthworm Jim

SpeedheroGLOBAL – The best recipes use a combination of simple ingredients cooked cleverly to create a great-tasting dish, and apps are much the same: the best ones don’t do anything fancy, they use features already found on your device and use them to do something different.

This week there’s some prime examples in the week’s selection from our friends at We’ve had to focus on just three here, but every day they surface something new – another tasty treat cooked up from your Nokia’s basic ingredients – so check in to get your daily app fix.

The potential for measuring speed with future Nokias has been in the news over the last week, but this week’s highlights menu is topped by Speedhero, an app that already does just that thanks to nothing more fancy than your phone’s microphone.

It’s a useful sports utility that comes in five versions – for tennis, football, volleyball, ice hockey and floorball – and measures the speed at which a ball (or puck) is struck against a fixed surface, like a practice wall.

It’s perfect for measuring the velocity of tennis serves, for example – though it does need to be set up correctly: check out this video for more…

More than 100 Nokias can get in on the Speedhero fun, with download prices varying depending on which version you opt for.

Second in line this week is Loan Analyzer, which helps you sidestep the mental indigestion of compound interest loan repayments by doing all the mental heavy lifting for you.

It’s easy to get hoodwinked by greasy sales types quoting attractive-sounding repayments, but Loan Analyzer lets you see just what you’re getting into by giving you the full picture, including interest rate, monthly and total repayments and loan duration. It’s versatile too – so long as you’ve got some of the figures it can calculate the rest for you, helping you make the right financial decision every time.

Loan Analyzer is available for Symbian S60 5th Edition devices, and costs $1.99 / £1.50 to download from Ovi Store.

Every good meal is finished with something a little indulgent, so we’re indulging ourselves too by closing with Earthworm Jim, an old-school console campaigner brought up to speed for S60 3rd and 5th Edition handsets.

Anyone familiar with the original will feel right at home here: our spacesuit-wearing worm hero has to negotiate his way through space and avoid all kinds of obstacles on a quest to save the universe from the ultimate evil. Check out some of the action:

This old-school arcade lark has been given the mobile treatment with due care for its classic appeal, and will set you back $2.99 / £3 from Ovi Store.